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With the growing number of connected devices and IoT systems entering a network, comes a new opportunity for MSPs to monitor and manage a lot more than just computers.

Domotz is a network monitoring system that was built to meet this need by enabling you to monitor and manage every single IP connected device on a network – from Network Infrastructure (routers, firewalls, switches, access points) to digital signage, POS systems, VoIP Systems, IP cameras and more.

When Domotz was created in 2015, we envisioned that MSPs would never have to pick and choose which network to monitor, and that a Domotz could be installed on every single network you manage so you can provide better support to your customers.

Every feature we deliver is aimed at saving you money and time and enabling you to work more efficiently.

The software includes many monitoring and management features to help you troubleshoot problems remotely without having to visit a site:

  • Automated device identification, network discovery and automated network topology mapping
  • Network and important device alerts by mobile notification, email, chat message or directly in your PSA or ticketing system
  • Mobile and web apps for managing networks on the go from wherever you are
  • Network configuration management, versioning and backup
  • SNMP resource usage monitoring
  • Device response time monitoring and statistics
  • Remote power management for PDUs, PoE switches and software enabled devices (such as WakeOnLan systems)
  • Remote access: embedded remote connection for web services, Remote Desktop, Console Access, generic TCP tunneling or full VPN on Demand capability
  • Network security scans
  • Monitoring and management of IP cameras and other special IoT systems

Domotz already integrates with many platforms well known to MSPs, including: ConnectWise Manage, Datto Autotask, Syncro, Azure AD, JumpCloud, Okta, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Node-RED, Zapier, Freshservice, Freshdesk, Zendesk, CloudRadial, Hudu, and IT Portal and we plan to add many more in the months ahead.

The system also includes a set of APIs and WebHooks, that can be easily integrated into other systems or used to build dashboards, custom scripts or automation systems.

We’ve worked on many hardware integrations for the most popular switches, firewalls, PDUs and access points that you use on a daily basis – and we will work every day until we add them all.

Start a free 21 day trial of Domotz

Learn more about our network monitoring features, hardware integrations and RMM/PSA integrations. Write to the Domotz team any time on the v-domotz Slack channel on MSP Geek.

What the MSPGeek community says:

As an international non-profit working in developing nations, Domotz has been an incredible tool for us to deploy for network visibility and troubleshooting. We are often understaffed, so Domotz helps us monitor and resolve issues with maximum efficiency by offering an incredible feature set for the price. Domotz has some incredible remote connection tools that offer secure and flexible methods of accessing remote equipment individually, or for establishing VPN on-demand connections. Some of our other favorite features are:

  • new device alerts
  • networking topology mapping
  • Onvif integration (for diagnosing security camera issues)
  • internet speed test and network link quality monitoring
  • OID browser for custom SNMP alerts
  • Customizable notifications

We also rely heavily on integrations and automation, and between the native integrations and the Domotz API, we can have some deep processes for asset management, documentation, and issue resolution. Their team is quick to respond and engage with questions and support issues as well! Due to dramatic budget changes this year, we’ve had to re-evaluate the tools we use, and Domotz will always be a protected part of our tech stack!

Luke McFadden, IT Director – Rapha International

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