Kyle Spooner

IntelliComp Technologies - Director of Operations

Kyle began his IT career as an intern in an MSP business doing basic desktop roll-out’s, pickups and delivery.  Any grunt work that needed to be done Kyle was the one to do it. After a short time as an intern he proved himself and was moved to the help desk team where he worked his way into managing the automation and internal systems utilizing ConnectWise products as a member of the “Business Applications Team”.  It was during this time he joined MSPGeek during its beginning and worked his way into assisting Martyn to run the rapidly growing community. Seeing a missing piece of ConnectWise training and basic information, Kyle started GeekCast podcast with Tyler Blanchard.  The video and podcasting medium allowed MSPGeek to better offer “how-tos” and informational dumps that can be consumed by individuals on their own time, given by experts in the technologies and pose questions during that event.  During this time Kyle met several influential members and developed deep relationships with each.  One of those individuals coaxed him into working for him and in 2018 took the leap to join Mendy Green at IntelliComp Technologies.  Kyle now works to improve his skill-set in the business development area focusing on Data, Metrics, KPI’s and process/procedure improvements.  You can often find Kyle in the data related slack channels (although he’s in 99% of all slack channels), hosting MSPGeek Office Hours, GeekCasts and uploading content to YouTube.

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