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At SKOUT, the MSP community shapes our Partner Program and our company strategy. We’re focused on doing the right thing for our partners – no matter how difficult that might be. 

SKOUT’s cyber-as-a-service platform has its roots in the belief that cybersecurity is a process, not a product. That’s why we offer a full XDR package that gives you and your clients the robust security framework they need to protect sensitive data.

Every element of SKOUT’s offering and Partner Experience is designed to make selling and delivering cyber-as-a-service solutions easier for MSPs.

Here’s how SKOUT’s XDR platform helps you establish multiple layers of protection around your clients’ systems.

  • A direct line of communication with our 24/7/365 Security Operations Center
  • A multi-tenant managed SIEM and an AI analytics platform that sends detailed alerts with clear instructions to offer full Log Security Monitoring
  • Machine learning-powered Email Protection that detects phishing, zero-day phishing and third-party brand impersonation and sanitizes malicious links
  • AI and behavioral based Endpoint Protection that identifies/blocks malware and ransomware and stands up to zero-day attacks
  • Managed Office 365 Security Monitoring that is designed to recognize foreign or impossible
  • And one convenient dashboard that ties together the SKOUT platform and offers hundreds of integrations to help you get an ROI on your existing cyber investments.

As the cyber landscape keeps changing, SKOUT is committed to empowering MSPs with the tools they need to protect themselves and their clients.

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What the MSPGeek community says:

SKOUT provides MSPs with a service that is well beyond comprehensive. Their platform, team of experts, and partner resources allow providers to truly deliver a world-class cybersecurity offering that is understood and well-received by business owners.

A solid platform means nothing without support, and SKOUT’s team is redefining what it means to be a critical partner. They actively welcome feedback and open discussion, involve partners in new and impactful ideas, and place facts before fear – resulting in a continuously improving product for MSPs and their customers.

Matthew F. Fox, Creative Director —Valiant Technology

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