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Setting up new computers is hard, ImmyBot makes it easy. If you haven’t watched the video above, do that now then come here to continue reading.

The Immense Robot (ImmyBot for short) is a Pre-RMM tool you load on a flash drive and plug into a new computer. It installs your RMM agent as well as any other software required for that client.

It was conceived by MSPGeek member @darrendk shortly after he and his team at Immense Networks attended Automation Nation in 2016.

He was looking for a way to ensure his software stack, as well as his client’s software, was installed on all new and existing computers. He found many other MSPs struggling to automate these processes with their RMM.

The problem is RMMs aren’t specifically designed to setup computers. They have the fundamental requirements, just as you have the fundamental requirements to walk across Texas. It’s possible, just not easy.

Everything depends on something else:

  • The name of the computer depends on client convention
  • The Antivirus depends on their agreement
  • The Office 365 edition depends on what license the user has
  • The VPN depends on the firewall and whether or not this person even uses the VPN.
  • The PDF handler? You just entered a holy war. The company pays for Acrobat but this guy in particular wants you to install his 6 year old copy of Bluebeam.
  • The line of business software depends on company and/or the user.
  • What installer to use and where to find it? I’m sure it’s in the local administrator’s Downloads folder on the last computer you setup for that client. Scratch that, call the vendor and provide your name, SSN and list of fears and they’ll resend you a DropBox link.

Get any of this stuff wrong and your client notices immediately.

If any of this sounds familiar, or you just want to learn more, I encourage you to read this article where we demonstrate how ImmyBot addresses the above challenges to make setting up new computers as easy as our clients think it is. It really is as simple as the video demonstrates.

Setting up a computer is easy, right?  | Website | Immybot YouTube Channel

What the MSPGeek community says:

I own a small/growing 13 person MSP, and one of our areas we have always been frustrated with is system builds. We have experienced employee turnover and burnout with the tediousness of the builds and it was an area we knew needed more attention.

I debated hiring an outside consultant or an employee to help to script the builds but was worried about the software variety of our clients and the amount of long-term work/maintenance that would be necessary.

Then I heard through a forum about Immy. After booking a demo, and seeing it in action, my lead tech and I were absolutely blown away! Worried it was too good to be true, we started a trial immediately. After 2 weeks of setting up Immy, we put the tool to use for a client.

Our MSP took over IT support for a division of a law firm that was splitting from another firm. It required our team to wipe all machines and set them up from scratch. We used Immy for all the deployments and with only 3 techs we deployed over 30 machines in two days. The majority of that time was also just manually backing up the machines.

Immy is truly a game-changer for our company and we are excited about the open possibilities and growth opportunities the new time saved brings us.

MSPGeek Member Bingo7782

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